A diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition engine) is an internal combustion engine that
uses the heat of compression to initiate ignition to burn the fuel, which is injected into the combustion
chamber. This is in contrast to spark-ignition engines such as a petrol engine (gasoline engine) or gas
engine (using a gaseous fuel as opposed to gasoline), which uses a spark plug to ignite an air-fuel
mixture. The engine was developed by Rudolf Diesel in 1893.
The modern starter motor is either a permanent-magnet or a series-parallel wound direct current electric
motor with a starter solenoid (similar to a relay) mounted on it. When current from the starting battery is
applied to the solenoid, usually through a key-operated switch, the solenoid engages a lever that pushes
out the drive pinion on the starter driveshaft and meshes the pinion with the starter ring gear on
the flywheel of the engine, therefore crank it up.
A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. Flywheels have a
significant moment of inertia, and thus resist changes in rotational speed. The amount of energy stored
in a flywheel is proportional to the square of its rotational speed. Energy is transferred to a flywheel by
applying torque to it, thereby causing its rotational speed, and hence its stored energy, to increase.
Conversely, a flywheel releases stored energy by applying torque to a mechanical load, which results in
decreased rotational speed


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