Portable energy: convenience under control

From housing to factories, all man-made structures need energy. Power generation can’t always come from external sources that are far away in terms of reach. That’s why, particularly for specific areas and strenuous conditions, locally-generated energy offers prompt availability, reliable supply and considerable savings.

FPT Industrial generators, the engine of everyday energy

Based on this assumption, FPT Industrial has designed a series of solution that ensure power wherever it’s needed: not only workplaces such as construction and shipyards, on-shore and off-shore oil or gas platforms, banks, hospitals, malls and shopping centers, but also for domestic use.

FPT products consist of innovative power systems, able to meet the daily needs of the various sectors in which they can be used. The generator set contained within these lines represent a certainty in terms of capability and reliability. The FPT catalogue for this specific section is divided between G-drive products and soundproofed Gensets.


Engine Series